Ranked #1 brokerage in the country by sales volume

Covering nearly half the U.S. population

  1. 26,000+ of the nation’s best agents

  2. Compass agents sell more than 3x the average agent in sales volume

  3. 4,500+ of the best technology, marketing, support, sales and operations employees in this industry or any industry

  4. Compass agents grew their transactions 2.1x faster than the market in 2021 and 3x faster in 2020

  5. The best platform to help agents save time and grow their business, featuring everything from Likely To Sell to Business Tracker to CRM to Marketing Center to Transaction Management to Compass Coming Soons to Compass Concierge

  6. A platform that drives results: The top 25% of agent teams who use the platform the most grow their business 2.6x faster than the 25% of teams who use it the least — and have 98% annual retention

  7. Transformational coaching programs like the 10x10 Business Growth Challenge, 6AMERS, and Compass CORE — in which roughly 7,000 agents participated in Q1

  8. The most valuable referral network in the country — made even more powerful with Find An Agent, Coming Soons, and Private Exclusives